Cardiologists recommend plants to prevent and reverse heart disease for their patients

Cutting edge cardiologist Dr. Shane Williams recommends “basically eating plants” to prevent and reverse heart disease, and he is getting incredible results.

“People do not know the power of food.  The challenge is that this takes time.  I see it here first hand, and it is simply amazing.  What concerns me is that most doctors do not realize the power of food as an alternative to medication”
Cardiologist Dr. Shane Williams May 2014.

“What we’re told by pharmaceutical companies is that only 10% of the cholesterol in our bloodstream is what we consume, and the rest is made by our liver.  What they don’t tell us is that the Western diet causes the liver to over produce cholesterol - a pretty significant “oops we forgot to tell you” on the part of pharmaceutical companies.  If we put everyone on drugs then thousands of people would suffer side effects, so of course a plant-based wholefood diet is the least expensive and safest means of achieving the plaque preventing goal.  The plaque that builds up in our arteries is made of cholesterol, but when our cholesterol is low enough there’s nothing for our body to build plaque with.  The best way to prevent heart disease is to be a vegetarian, a non-flesh eater and a non-saturated fat eater.  Human beings are far more like herbivores than carnivores”
Cardiovascular Pathologist Dr. William Roberts, editor of the American Journal of Cardiology, May 2014.

“Statins should be reserved for very sick people, and a healthy diet is for everyone.  As doctors we need to make sure patients understand the benefits, and are being compliant”
Dr. John McDougall, an American physician and a leading authority on diet and heart disease, May 2014.

The bottom line is that all around the world, where the heart disease rates are lowest such as Okinawa and Nagano in Japan, rural China, Loma Linda in California, central Africa, the Papua highlanders in New Guinea and the Tarahumara Indians of northern Mexico; they eat a plant-based wholefood diet. 

Coronary artery disease in these areas is almost nonexistent.

When these people adopt the modern meat-rich, low-fibre, high-sugar, high processed refined foods diet however, they quickly develop heart disease.

Initial information as reported by CBS News on May 23, 2014.

Posted: Sunday 1 June 2014