Plant-based wholefood diet again found to lower heart disease and improve weight loss

Eating more plants shown again to lower heart disease risk, and to effectively shed excess weight; safely and naturally.

Patients lost significant amounts of weight and lowered their cholesterol levels by 10% when following the diet.

The carbohydrate sources included high-fibre foods such as oats, barley, okra and eggplant. 

The proteins came from soy, vegetables, nuts and cereals. 

The fats came from nuts, vegetable oils, soy products and avocado.

Sounds like a plant-based wholefood diet to me!

Study by Dr. David Jenkins, director of the Clinical Nutrition and Risk Modification Centre of St. Michael’s Hospital and a Nutritional Sciences professor at the University of Toronto, and colleagues, as published in the British Medical Journal Open, May 2014.  As reported by and on May 22, 2014.

Posted: Thursday 29 May 2014