Obesity in the UK now causing one in eight hospital admissions for women over 50

The Million Women Study by Oxford University shows clearly what the rampant embrace of the Standard American Diet is doing to the UK.

“Previous reports may have under-estimated the effect of BMI.  A lot of the work I do is related to cancer.  There is a lot to be gained by not putting on excess weight”
Lead author of the study Gillian Reeves.

The research has confirmed what I have been warning about for years; that the bigger you get, the sicker you will be as you age, and the more health problems you will have.

Researchers from the University of Oxford found that “hospital admissions for women over 50 are commonly caused by issues to do with obesity or being overweight and that these issues accounted for around 2 million days in hospital a year”. 

As reported by The Daily Mail on March 16, 2014.



Posted: Friday 16 May 2014