Bad cholesterol helps spread lifestyle cancers in the body – Part 2

I have worked with so many people and have lowered their cholesterol levels through diet and lifestyle changes only. 

It can be done and I do it all the time. 

Here is just a small selection of recent graduates from thelifeplan, with their cholesterol results dramatically improving – as measured by their doctors blood tests:

  • “Hi Jason, Just a wee update working with my doctor I am down to half my statin(10mg) and no longer take beta blocker.  I have had a round of blood tests and everything is normal.  In 3 months’ time we will test again and then drop the half stain.  Happy days!  This plant-based wholefood lifestyle really works” Tom, 2014.
  • “Hi Jason, I had the annual check-up with my GP.  He actually asked me if I was on medication because my cholesterol was so good...” Cheers, Mary, 2013.
  • “My cholesterols levels were 6.1 when I started thelifeplan.  The doctor insisted that I take 1x cholesterol drug twice a day to bring my levels down to normal range of under 5.  My doctor said at my age my cholesterol levels will not come down without medication but will increase as I get older.  I made a decision to go the natural route without medication by eating thelifeplan plant-based wholefood diet.  Yesterday I went for a cholesterol blood test and got the results this morning from my doctor.  My cholesterol levels have come down from 6.1 to 4.5, which is now in normal range.  Thank you for bringing my cholesterol levels down naturally without medication” Valerie, 2012.
  • “Exercise better this month Jason and made it below 64kg (started at 77kg) …………… the GOOD NEWS is that I am completely off high blood pressure tablets, Vit B12 level is excellent and cholesterol ratio is 2.7 with HDL at 2.02.   As you can guess, I am very pleased with myself but really and truly, without the knowledge that you and Tracey have imparted along the way, healthwise, life may have been a very different story” Vicki, 2012.
  • “Last month when I visited my GP for general check-up “WOF”, he was surprised to see my weight, blood pressure, blood results including cholesterol level and said “Wow!”.  On November, 2010 my cholesterol reading was 5.5+ and now is below 4 and my blood pressure is normal.  My GP wants me to repeat the tests in three months’ time to re-confirm the results.  I feel great, full of energy, better concentration in my work and studies, my skin is pimple free and I have lost 15KGS and 10cm of waist” Mohammad, 2011.
  • “I'm finally off the 7 mark for my cholesterol!!  It was nice to read after having been up to 7.4 at one stage in the last 3 years.  My LDL is down .2 and my HDL is up .15.  That was good to read.  I do not take medication; it affected my bilirubin so took myself off it, with Dr’s approval.  So, all in all, a happy result with more to come. Thank you for helping me get on track” Anne, 2013.

I could add many more to this list but you get the idea. 

Australia has had a 152% increase in liver cancer rates in the last two decades alone.  Most of this is driven by alcohol and poor diet.  The rest of the world – including New Zealand, is seeing similar growth patterns in this highly preventable cancer.

Cholesterol can be massively, immediately and permanently impacted and controlled, through diet and lifestyle changes. 

Eat a plant-based wholefood diet, just like we teach on thelifeplan.

Study published in the journal Cell Reports, May 2014.  As reported by The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald & News Corp Australia on May 07, 2014.

Posted: Saturday 10 May 2014