Bad cholesterol helps spread lifestyle cancers in the body - Part 1

A highly significant new discovery has shown yet another mechanism explaining why an animal-rich diet breeds cancer growth in the body.

The brand new University of Sydney study shows that elevated LDL (bad cholesterol – only in meats and dairy products), is one of the main supporters of cancer cells migrating and invading other parts of the body.

On the other hand, HDL good cholesterol reduces the ability of the cancer to spread.

Scientists have long known that aggressive cancer cells accumulate bad cholesterol, but this is the first time we have seen how blocking LDL uptake could help stop cancer cells from moving"  

"Understanding how cancer cells start to migrate is very important because that’s the stage where current cancer treatments are not helping very much.  It’s been known for quite a while that cholesterol somehow is needed for these cancer cells to become mobile and to move.  But the researchers didn’t know where that cholesterol was coming from"

"We were able to identify that it’s bad cholesterol that helps cancer cells to move and spread, and in contrast the good cholesterol helps cells not to move and not to invade other tissues.  One of the things that make cancer so difficult to treat is the fact that it can spread around the body.  Our findings advance the theory that knowing how to manipulate and lower bad cholesterol could significantly help to reduce the ability of cancer cells to spread"

"People with common cancers often have low LDL levels because the cholesterol has been absorbed by the cancer cells which need it to grow and spread.  It’s well known that prostate, breast as well as liver cancers are very much related to our metabolism and cholesterol levels.  People with a family history of high cholesterol, consume excessive alcohol and eat unhealthy Western diets should be aware that dangerous LDL levels could contribute to the way cancer develops”
University of Sydney study lead author, Associate Professor Thomas Grewal, May 2014.

The most effective way to raise your bad cholesterol levels is through a high-sugar, high-animal-foods diet, alongside a stressful sedentary lifestyle.

Here are some massive historical proven studies on the subject (1960-2014):

  • A huge meta-analysis of 27 studies published in 2009 in the American Journal of Cardiology showed that dropping meat from your diet “can decrease cholesterol levels by 10%-15%” 
  • The huge INTERHEART study of 30,000 men and women in 52 countries showed that at least 90% of heart disease is lifestyle related
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  • Brand new study published in the journal Cell Reports, May 2014.  As reported by The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald & News Corp Australia on May 07, 2014.

Posted: Friday 9 May 2014