Diabetes and pre-diabetes now in 30% of the US population?

Diabetes and pre-diabetes has nearly doubled over the past two decades.  And it is still growing.

“There is a growing need to recognize this serious issue, especially since most cases of diabetes can be prevented through weight loss and other lifestyle changes”
Lead author, Dr Elizabeth Selvin, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, April 2014.

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health research has found the following:

  • Cases of diabetes and pre-diabetes in the United States have nearly doubled since 1988
  • Obesity is to blame for the surge
  • Diabetes increased from 6% to 10% in the past two decades
  • Pre-diabetes doubled in prevalence over the same period
  • Current estimates of the prevalence of pre-diabetes range from 12%-30% of the population

Study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health as reported in the April 15, 2014 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine.  Researcher’s analyzed data from more than 43,000 participants collected over two decades in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) and actually ‘confirmed’ pre-diabetes cases in the investigation, making the numbers far more accurate.  As reported by newswire.com and theepochtimes.com on April 15, 2014.


Posted: Friday 2 May 2014