Alcohol industry complaints thrown out by judge

Alcohol industry complaints about a TV advert showing the ‘alcohol leads to cancer’ link are thrown out

Good to see that common sense, science and truth are beating down the dubious and incorrect marketing of big business in some parts of the world.

“Parts of the alcohol industry that objected had been highly irresponsible in trying to stop the public learning that alcohol intake can increase the risk of cancers such as those affecting breast, liver and mouth”
Colin Shevils, Balance’s director, April 23, 2014, in The Guardian.

The bottom line is that The World Health Organisation classes alcohol as a Group 1 carcinogen, alongside tobacco, plutonium, formaldehyde and other high level toxins.

Surveys have consistently shown that very few people know that alcohol can be carcinogenic (cancer causing), and alcohol consumption is directly related to breast cancer, colon cancer and stomach cancer – three of the most devastating and preventable cancers we know of.

The UK advert itself was produced by local alcohol campaign group called ‘Balance’, after speaking to doctors to ensure the commercial was not misleading or alarmist.

It showed a man drinking a beer while a small tumour was seen in the bottom of the glass.  The tumour size grew with every sip he took, before sliding down the glass towards his mouth.

The Advertising Standards Authority rejected the Alcohol industry complaints after they were presented with some of the large body of evidence about alcohol and cancer risk.


I wonder which industry is learning how to hide the harm its products does, from another well known industry that lied and hid evidence for 50 years.

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Posted: Saturday 26 April 2014