JSB and A MEATY Difference of Opinion: 8

JSB and A MEATY Difference of Opinion: 8

My blog series response to the recently published letter in the Napier Courier, written by Fiona Greig, the nutrition manager for beef and lamb New Zealand Inc.

The Standard New Zealand diet is awful
The Standard American Diet (SAD) has become the Standard New Zealand Diet (even sadder) giving us a near-30% obesity rating.  

This is in the top three worst overweight rates in the developed world. 

The traditional Japanese diet is vegetarian with fresh fish and their obesity rates are 3.5%

  • In Japan, they eat a high-fibre, plant-based wholefood diet;
    they are the healthiest developed country in the world; 
    with low levels of disease; and a female life-expectancy of 86
  • In New Zealand, we eat a low-fibre, meat-heavy,
    sugar-rich processed diet; we have poor health, disease and medication
    usually starting for people in their 50s; and a low female life-expectancy of 75

Read any of these four detailed reports on the state of our health and what can be done about it through a plant-based wholefood diet and smart lifestyle changes:


Posted: Sunday 30 March 2014