JSB and A MEATY Difference of Opinion: 4

JSB and A MEATY Difference of Opinion: 4

My blog series response to the recently published letter in the Napier Courier, written by Fiona Greig, the nutrition manager for beef and lamb New Zealand Inc.

Fiona also wrote in her letter that “In regards to the comment linking meat to cancer, there is no scientific evidence to show eating lean red meat causes cancer”. 

Actually this is not the case at all. 

I will summarise just eight major studies/quotes over the next few blog posts from leading health authorities (2004-2013) linking red meat to bowel cancer. 

I will also attach four major briefing documents and a further 39 study reference links at the end of this blog series from cardiologists, cancer researchers, universities, professors, doctors and epidemiologists (for those wanting to read and research this topic further). 

Bowel Cancer Facts

  • Bowel cancer is a major cause of cancer deaths in New Zealand
  • NZ women have the highest bowel cancer rates in the world  
  • On average, someone dies from bowel cancer every 7 hours in New Zealand (1,200 per year) 
  • Death rates from breast cancer (1 every 14 hours) and road traffic accidents (1 every 20 hours) are lower and yet receive much greater publicity and resources  
  • By 2016 the number of new cases of bowel cancer diagnosed each year is projected to increase by 15% for men and 19% for women to 3302 (for all ages)  
  • The countries with the highest women’s bowel cancer rates and the highest women’s meat intake are usually the same mix of countries, such as NZ, USA, Australia, Canada and the UK
  • The World Health Organisation has confirmed that 97% of bowel cancer is not genetic but diet and environmentally caused

This means 1,164 NZ bowel cancer deaths each year are completely preventable. 

Even worse is that bowel cancer is now dramatically increasing in the 20-34 age group due to the modern low-fibre diet that the current generation are eating. 

Bowel cancer is an awful way to die – rotting from the inside. 

What is the best source of protective fibre for the bowels? 

Proven over and over and over again; vegetable fibre. 

Meat contains ZERO fibre, yet vegetables contain an abundance of the very fibre that is most effective in cleaning out, clearing, improving and protecting the bowels.

National Cancer Registry (2008). Colorectal Cancer Registrations by Year and DHB.



Posted: Wednesday 26 March 2014