JSB and A MEATY Difference of Opinion: 1

JSB and A MEATY Difference of Opinion: 1

This opinion piece, by Fiona Greig, nutrition manager for beef and lamb New Zealand Inc was published in the Napier Courier recently as a response to someone eating and recommending a plant-based wholefood diet.

“In response to the article titled Meat-free lifestyle the new way for me in the February 19 issue of the Napier Courier, I would like to clarify the comments made about meat as a source of iron.  Not all iron is equal, with non-haem iron from plant based foods having a lower absorption rate than haem iron from animal foods (5% vs 25%).  As an example, eating just a 120g lean beef steak provides the same iron as an enormous 3kg of spinach.  This provides over a third of a women’s daily iron needs.”

“In regards to the comment linking meat to cancer, there is no scientific evidence to show eating lean red meat causes cancer.  Some scientific studies, however, have suggested a modest association between high levels of red meat consumption and colorectal cancer, but in New Zealand we currently eat amounts well within national and international guidelines.  Proving a food causes a particular disease is very difficult, as associations between two factors may simply be coincidental. 

Overall eating and lifestyle habits are more important than specific foods. 

A meatless diet can be adequate nutritionally but needs careful planning to ensure requirements are met.”

Obviously, given I recommend a plant-based wholefood diet; I have much to say on this matter. 

I will start my full response here tomorrow in my blog. 

It will be 9 days long. 

Stay tuned.

Posted: Sunday 23 March 2014