Testing finds nearly half of all meat product samples contained DNA of the wrong animals

Testing finds nearly half of all meat product samples contained DNA of the wrong animals

After the horse meat and mislabelling exposes over the last year or so, you would think that the meat industry would have gotten itself nicely cleaned up by now.  Not so much.

The Leicester City Council findings follow similar results from West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and West Sussex councils that also found consumers were regularly being misled about the contents of their food.

What did the Leicester Trading Standards probe show up in regards to meat and labels?

  • Gross contamination of meat is widespread
  • Nearly half of meat products they sampled contained species of animal that were not declared on the product label
  • Beef-burgers and sausages sampled contained undeclared chicken
  • Samples of lamb curry were found to contain a cheaper beef or turkey
  • 60% of the doner kebab meats failed to meet legal requirements because the species of animals used were incorrect
  • 50 out of 105 samples of meat products collected and tested by the public analyst contained unlabelled animal meats
  • Leicester council says “deliberate deception is likely to be the cause” in several cases
  • In 18 samples, meat of an undeclared species was a major ingredient, accounting for levels of between 60% and 100%
  • The rest of the failed samples tested positive for the presence of at least one type of undeclared meat
  • The hundreds of food tests carried out by West Yorkshire councils found over a third of nearly 900 samples collected in that area were not what they claimed to be
  • In the West Yorkshire findings, illegal examples included mozzarella that was less than half real cheese, ham on pizzas that was either poultry or “meat emulsion” instead of pork, frozen prawns that were 50% water, minced beef adulterated with pork or poultry

Feel like a hamburger then?  Or some sausages?  Or some er, horse meat?

As reported by The Guardian on Tuesday 18 March 2014.


Full story here: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/18/half-meat-products-contained-dna-wrong-animals-council-survey

Posted: Thursday 20 March 2014