Smoking is rapidly declining in NZ children

Smoking is rapidly declining in NZ children

Best news I could hope for.

As I am walking all around Calgary before I start speaking tomorrow, I have noticed the amount of smoking that goes on here.  People smoking everywhere yet there are places – most public places that are smoke free.  It is the streets where you really notice it the most.

Back in NZ there is good news though!

If smoking was introduced today it would be instantly banned in every single country in the world.  But we allow companies to sell this poison to our children.

Insanity ruled by big business, greed, fear and emotional manipulation.

Spare me.  The average age that 90% of people start smoking is 14.6 years old. 

This is child abuse.

Since when does a 14 year old know what is good for them? 

Since when does a 14 year old have any comprehension of what the long-term consequences of smoking are?

Since when does a 14 year old understand they are at much higher risk of breast cancer, lung cancer, heart attacks, diabetes and obesity-related illness if they smoke?

The average 14 year old feels invulnerable.  It is up to us adults to protect our children from corporations that would prey on their innocence and ply them with their additive poison – all in the name of profit and greed.

Most vices are a choice and they do not harm other people.  Smoking is diffeent as it kills 600,000 innocent children every year – who do not smoke.  How is that fair?

We are winning the war in New Zealand with only 3.2% of 14-15 year olds now smoking! 

I agree with everything that Associate Health Minister Tariana Turia says about smoking: “We must continue to do everything we can through proactive lobbying, cessation support, excise taxes, plain packaging and other legislation to ensure that we send a clear message to tobacco companies.  We want to rid our country of this product that kills 13 New Zealanders a day and 5,000 of us each year.  I look forward to the day we reach our goal of becoming a Smokefree Aotearoa-New Zealand by 2025”.

Bring it on. 

Posted: Friday 14 March 2014