Brazil has new diet guidelines that are a genuine improvement

Brazil has new diet guidelines that are a genuine improvement

The new guidelines are based around food choices rather than hard-to-understand nutritional mumbo jumbo – bring it on I say.

The current reality in Brazil and much of Central and South America is that around 50% of calories come from highly processed junk-foods.

“This is clearly a standard worth emulating here in the U.S.  There is very explicit acknowledgement that some foods should be avoided.  There is consideration of the social context of eating.  And most importantly, there is an emphasis on foods and types of foods rather than nutrients.  Just look around to see all the good it has done us in the U.S. to focus on restricting fat, or carbohydrate; or consuming snacks in 100 calorie packs.  By prioritizing fresh foods, mostly plants, it’s impossible to go far wrong.  The Brazilians apparently get this.  Here’s hoping we might as well”
Dr David Katz, MD, MPH, director of Yale's Prevention Research Center, Feb 2014.

Some of the new advice?

  • Prepare meals from staple and fresh foods
  • Eat in company whenever possible
  • Be critical of the commercial advertisement of food products

Sounds like good thinking to me.

As reported by MedPage Today on Feb 21, 2014. 

Posted: Sunday 2 March 2014