Elderly and not so elderly in denial about their health

Elderly and not so elderly in denial about their health

People are burying their heads in the sand somehow thinking it will all magically get better with a pill but it won’t.

You cannot eat yourself sick and drug yourself well.  Dietary and lifestyle change is inevitable if you genuinely want to prevent or reverse a modern lifestyle disease such as heart problems, cancers, diabetes or obesity.

“We all know health problems become more common as we age, but when it comes to wellbeing, thousands of us are putting our heads in the sand and are in a state of denial.  We need to keep on top of our healthcare needs as we age and that starts with a reality check…a preventative approach to managing our health, having an active, healthy lifestyle, plus a diet rich in nutrients”
Dr Catherine Hood, ShARP expert and associate specialist at St George’s Hospital, London, January 2014.

“There is now irrefutable evidence that we can reduce the risk of age-related disease by making healthy lifestyle choices and it is never too late to make these positive changes”
Dr Val Mann, senior lecturer in regenerative medicine at University Campus Suffolk, January 2014.

What has the latest international survey found?

  • Over 60% of those over age 55 admit to weight gain and joint problems
  • Over 20% of those aged over 40 have been diagnosed with high blood pressure
  • Over 30% of men aged 45-75 actually suffer from coronary heart disease

The survey by the Simplyhealth Advisory Research Panel (ShARP), covered 1,000 Britons aged 40 to 75, survey backed by healthcare provider Simplyhealth.  As reported on January 4, 2014 by The New Zealand Herald.


Posted: Tuesday 11 February 2014