Smoking drops again in NZ – time to celebrate!

Smoking drops again in NZ – time to celebrate!

One of the missions of my life is to have cigarette smoking banned from Planet Earth.

It is the most effective and profitable way to kill human beings ever invented.

What has the 2013 NZ Statistics Census found?

  • In 2006 there was 20.7% smoking rates in NZ
  • Now in 2013, there are barely 15% smoking rates in NZ
  • The NZ 2006-2012 cigarette sales fell by 20%
  • Associate Health Minister Tariana Turia said it was “a huge decline”
  • Otago University public health expert Associate Professor Nick Wilson said the overall reduction in the number of smokers “seems credible given the decline in national tobacco sales”
  • Action on Smoking and Health (Ash) communications manager Michael Colhoun said “we are very pleased”
  • Quitline called this “a monumental reduction” and chief executive Paula Snowden said “there are over 135,000 fewer smokers in New Zealand.  That’s the equivalent of the entire population of Hamilton”

The NZ Government’s target is that we will be substantially ‘smokefree’ by 2025.  This means a smoking level of less than 5%.

Bring.  It.  On.

As reported by The New Zealand Herald on Thursday December 12, 2013


Posted: Sunday 2 February 2014