JanOne with a Difference: Have a great break

JanOne with a Difference: Have a great break

Well here we are just a few days away from Christmas 2013, where has the year gone?

As I write this today I am thinking about the kind of year that we have had here at JSB.

  • We started the year at 3 people, now we are 5
  • We finished the first book (of 10 planned) and this will be launched in March 2014
  • We re-wrote, improved and relaunched The Feel Alive Plan as thelifeplan
  • We did two very successful tours right through 40 different local areas 
  • We did our first two workshops in Nelson and Auckland
  • I searched for, and found, great research to blog on almost daily
  • We survived and flourished

On top of that, just within our family, we have Tove's huge 21st birthday, Luke's 13th birthday and Tracey spending 5 weeks in Sweden with her darling mum.

Like I said, what a year...

We have thoroughly loved working with you all this year, sharing the good information about health, longevity, genetic expression, pre-ill, disease prevention and stunning recipes! 

When you feel like the Christmas pressure is getting to you, or the 'crazy busy-ness' that we all seem to buy into at this time of year is wearing you down, just read back through the JanOne with a Difference posts as they all have absolute gems in them and they will serve you incredibly well - giving you exceptional health on JanOne rather than a hangover and regret.

I will be back to regular blogs and posts next year (which is going to be an absolutely incredible year I can feel it!), so until then; eat well, get well and stay well.

Massive hug and all our very bext wishes for a happy, family-based, fun-filled and joyous celebration holiday period to you all.


Posted: Saturday 21 December 2013