JanOne with a Difference: Overindulgence

JanOne with a Difference: Overindulgence

This time of year is the most dangerous and deadly when it comes to eating too much.  Making the simple change from 3,000 calories to 2,000 calories will impact every body system you have.

The way to eat a lot is to eat little, that way you live long enough to be able to eat a lot”

Eat Less Live Long
Eating around 30% less than average is a secret shared by the healthiest and longest-lived cultures throughout history.  It is simply the most powerful and scientifically-proven way to dramatically improve your chances of a long and healthy life.  Fasting one day each week is an easy way to take in around 15% less calories each week as a start.  People eating 30% less than typical live up to 50% longer and in much better health.  The typical modern diet is a highly-processed, low-fibre 3,500 calories daily.  All we actually require, on average, is a high-fibre, nutrient-rich 2,000 calories daily.  Overeating causes oxidative damage, which causes your DNA to age.

Eating 30% Less

  • More energy, vitality and stamina
  • Reduced abdominal lifestyle-fat
  • Sustained, long-term, healthy lean weight
  • A happier digestive system
  • A more powerful immune system
  • Stable blood glucose levels
  • A sharper mind/lower risk of brain diseases
  • The instant improvement of your DNA
  • Lower body acidity levels
  • Decreased inflammation
  • An immediate slowing of the aging process

Eat too much → overweight → diabetes
The relationship between overweight and diabetes is the same as the relationship between smoking and lung cancer.  Diabetes causes 50% of heart attacks, limb amputations (arms and legs) and blindness.  Diabetes dramatically raises your risk of dying of over 34 different cancers.  Living longer?  Nope.  Diabetes UK has predicted that UK life expectancy will start falling for the first time in 200 years because of diabetes.


  • Have a good high-fibre breakfast – the JSB soaked muesli is great (and available to download for free on our website!)
  • Eat your vegetables first when you are most hungry and then eat the treats afterwards when you are full – you will eat less of them
  • Make sure your meals are based around high-fibre vegetables as they fill you up
  • Chew slowly, take your time
  • Drink between meals – half an hour before eating and two hours afterwards
  • Eat more high-fibre legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, beans and pulses
  • Have fruit as your snacks in-between meals

These simple tips are amazing to have you eat less through December and have you hit JanOne with a Difference! Watch this space for more tips to combat overindulgence tomorrow from Andrea, our JSB Naturopath.

Posted: Friday 6 December 2013