Hey everyone, how is this for a concept...?

What if you woke up next year on January 1st feeling amazing rather than over-indulged, hung over, queasy and regretting it while muttering your New Years's Resolutions?

JanOne with a Difference is a new JSB initiative to support people all around the world in having an incredible beginning to the New Year 2014.  For many years I have pondered this very thing as so many of my closest friends have admitted to me – while drunk – that they “wish they did not drink so much…” and “wished I was more healthy like you Jason…”

This has stuck with me for a long time and I have often considered - why is it that people go so hard over the Christmas/New Year period and then regret it all on January 1st?  Then they go down to the beach with a pad and paper for those New Year's resolutions yet again, throbbing with a headache after eating more junk food to try and dull the pain, and taking more liver-toxic pain killers for the headache!  The age-old vicious cycle!

What I have come to realise is that there is no support for having a healthy holiday season.  There is only an “eat like mad cause it is all free at work functions” and a “let your hair down and go crazy to celebrate the end of another year” mentality.  This is all done in an obesogenic (fat-promoting) environment.  This is why we do it – because everyone else does it and we think it is the only way to do it!

It is not.

JanOne with a Difference is about supporting you right through December up to Christmas such that you hit Jan One feeling amazing and inspired.  You open your eyes on the first day of the year and look forward to:

  • getting even more healthy
  • feeling even younger
  • giving up the vices, poor decisions and addictions that plague and haunt you
  • eating better
  • drinking less, little or no alcohol
  • moving your body much more
  • seeing more of nature
  • taking more time out to relax, rejuvenate and reboot your body

This is the aim of JanOne with a Difference.

I love to party and dance and I can out party most people – all without drinking – and all without announcing that I am not drinking.

How do you do that?

Watch this space for more information, inspiration, education, tips and more about JanOne with a Difference.

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Details to follow.   

Posted: Monday 2 December 2013