Drugs and alcohol trigger violence say Kiwi kids

Drugs and alcohol trigger violence say Kiwi kids

Kiwi children point the finger at alcohol and drugs as key triggers of violence in New Zealand in this great www.voxy.co.nz article.

A global study conducted by ChildFund Alliance reveals that over half of the 1000 Kiwi children surveyed placed alcohol and drugs as the two most common contributors to violence in our society.

A variety of solutions for eradicating violence towards children were also shared by some of our clever young Kiwis, such as:

- Having less alcohol in shops

- Giving kids a safe house and only they know the code

- Having an alarm that goes off when you get smacked

- Expelling anyone from the city who is creating violence

- Banning alcohol and bad TV programmes and movies

And forget Richie McCaw, Lorde or One Direction, over half of the Kiwi kids surveyed said their number one hero was a family member. Parents came out on top, because they protect their children from danger, teach them life skills and support them in everything they do.

The full article is here: http://www.voxy.co.nz/national/drugs-and-alcohol-trigger-violence-say-kiwi-kids/5/174614

Posted: Saturday 23 November 2013