Australian Global Burden of Disease update

Australian Global Burden of Disease update

The top five causes of death in Australia now are poor diet, high blood pressure, smoking, being overweight and a lack of exercise.

What has happened to Australian health from 1990-2010 now they are following the Standard American Diet?

  1. Female obesity has risen by 58%
  2. Male obesity has risen by 34%
  3. Alzheimer’s disease has risen by 232% as a cause of death
  4. Alzheimer has gone from the 10th highest cause of death to the 4th
  5. Healthy life expectancy in Australia has reduced by about 10 years
  6. Drug use has increased - especially among young adults
  7. Drug use is now a greater cause of harm than in New Zealand, Japan, Singapore or South Korea

The Australian regional launch of the Global Burden of Disease 2010 was at the “Comparative Health Performance in the Asia-Pacific Region: Findings and Implications of the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010” conference in Melbourne May 2-3, 2013.   The Global Burden of Disease Study involves almost 500 scientists looking over 187 countries worldwide for the period 1990-2010 and was published in the medical journal The Lancet in December, 2012.  As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald on May 2, 2013..

Posted: Monday 11 November 2013