Our Fast Fest Challenge Winners

Fast Fest Challenge Winners

Woah! Our inboxes were inundated with so many AMAZING Fast Fest Challenge emails yesterday! We were totally overwhelmed by the incredible feedback and inspiring stories, and choosing three winners proved to be a real challenge as they were all so fantastic. In fact it was IMPOSSIBLE to pick three, so we opted for five instead and have extended our prize offer of 3 months free on our health mentoring programme thelifeplan to five lucky winners!

A HUGE congratulations to: Kimberley Blake, Isabelle Haentjens, Naomi First, Cassie & Josh Munson and Tracey Woodward for your winning contributions. Nice work!

I wanted to share some of these inspirational stories with you:

"Hi Jason, Tracey and the team!

Thanks for inspiring me yesterday to take part in my first ever fast - I am so pleased that I completed it right through to the end!  I have been to see you 3 times - the latest at the Rose Centre on the north shore for the fasting seminar and loved it!!  My toughest time was 3pm onwards when I collected the kiddies - made them snacks and supper - and then cooked my hubby his supper later too!!  They all had 'bonfire cake' left over from bonfire night so it was a real test not to cut myself a slice too ;-)  But I resisted and enjoyed my epsom salt bath instead - as per your guidance!  I really enjoyed the juices - I had alot of beetroot as my little boy JJ came to help me in the veggie garden to choose my veggies for the day and he pulled out 3 beetroots!! - I got through them all yesterday including the leaves on top!!  I would LOVE to join you guys for the 3 month win - my main 'issues' are my skin and also my digestion so I would love to have your help with these - my main struggle as well is will power and I think I maybe addicted to sugar - as I always try to eat healthy meals BUT can't resist baking and chocolate etc just about every day :-(  Thanks guys - for your great work and inspiration!  

"Wow, where do I start? I was soo excited and signed up immediatly but then the morning came and thought am I really going to do it??? I was contemplating backing out but then knowing that so many signed up and that I had made a commitment to do the fast, I drank that lemon and cider vinegar with gusto!

And guess what I enjoyed the day! I went for a bike ride in the afternoon because of this amazing surge of energy and I am feeling great so much so that I'm doing another fasting day today...maybe even one tomorrow.

Thank you for the encouragement, the posts and getting my life back on track.

I envision myself looking trim toned tanned and tarty by Christmas! one fasting day at the time.

Thank you once again Jason and the fab health team.

Much love


"What a great way to start my first fast with the sights and sounds of fireworks all around announcing something special, it went o bed feeling quite excited and fully committed!  Waking early, ACV busy activating, I went for a walk/run - it was a cold, wet, windy, Wellington morning - but when you look for it beauty is everywhere.  Home to try out my juicer, it was its first use (coming as a part of a new food processor) and whilst not as good as an Oscar, I managed to produce a few glasses of yummy vegetable juice - my first glass tasted soooo good!  Later ginger water and the occasional herbal tea  got me through the day, -the afternoon was the hardest, I so wanted to eat, not because I was hungry, but because I craved the pure action of eating.  I wasn't after a Mars bar, all I wanted was a handful of nuts, or maybe a few seeds, that's when the mind starts to play games.  The emails helped tremendously, the reminders about why I was doing it, knowing that the battle of wills came at the hardest time of the day for others too, it gave me strength to carry on.  I knew I'd be alright if I could make it through to 7 as 7-9 was spent singing with others, a lovely soulful distraction from my belly and a much better use of my mouth!  Returning home I ignored the kitchen and headed straight to the bathroom for a soak in Epsom salts.  I slept like a baby - waking at 6am feeling like I could continue with the fast, feeling strong.  Another ACV, a walk in the rain by the harbour and a decision that I would stick to the one day fast and next time I would do two days, because I knew there would be/will be a next time.

Warm regards


 "We went into this Fast Fest Challenge as virgins, and as with everyone, for different and personal reasons. We weren't sure what we would get out of it but above all else we have found that both of us feel that sense of achievement that most people long to feel when it comes to their health and diet. Thank you for giving us that push to succeed.

 As an after-note, I just wanted to add that everything that we have taken in from "Jason Shon bennett"- both as the person and what you represent - has been both uplifting and inspirational. I look forward to the next Fast Fest Challenge.
Cassie and Josh"

A huge congratulations to everyone who took part. It was a real buzz - let's do it again some time!


Posted: Friday 8 November 2013