Breaking your fast intelligently

Breaking your fast intelligently

Breaking your fast intelligently

“When you break a leg, what do you do with it?  You rest it so it can heal.  When you are exhausted, what do you do?  You rest so you can recover.  When your digestive and bowel system is clogged, what do you do?  You fast; so your engine room, your digestive system, and your entire body can rest, recover, rebuild, refresh, rejuvenate and revitalize.  You feel reborn.  Fasting is to recovery, as sleep is to recuperation.  Discovering fasting has for me, been one of the key ‘health-changing-moments’ in my entire sickness-to-health journey.  Slowly starting to fast, gently at first, and then more rigorous over time, will, for most people, completely transform your health” 

-Jason Shon Bennett

Remember when you break your fast it is important to eat lightly and healthily.  I often simply have some soaked nuts and linseeds for breakfast again, a green smoothie, porridge with fruit, or my yummy soaked muesli.  Take it easy and have salads, smoothies and soups or vegetable dishes throughout the day.  Definitely avoid alcohol, gluten and dairy products and meats for as long as possible. You have just given your body an amazing spring clean, so don’t undo all that wonderful work too quickly!

A big congratulations to all of you who completed the Fast Fest Challenge!

Congratulations to all those who completed the Fast Fest Challenge! Now here’s your opportunity to win 3 month’s free on our health mentoring programme thelifeplan (worth $375 and a lifetime of good health!)

What an incredible day of fasting yesterday! It was so exciting to be fasting with so many of you fellow fasters and we just loved getting all your emails, messages and Facebook posts! So many people wrote in to share how good they were feeling; what challenges they were overcoming; and how they were looking forward to feeling amazing the next day! So many of you were surprised by your own strength and determination. It's amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. Nice work team!!

Not everyone made it through the day, and if you were one, that’s absolutely fine. Some days it’s simply not the right day to fast. So just keep on trying and as your body gets healthier and stronger you will find that fasting becomes easier.

We are loving reading through all your fasting stories – it’s going to be so difficult to pick the winners! If you haven’t written yours yet, you still have until 10am today to write to me at with a short paragraph telling us about your Fast Fest experience. Remember we have three quarterly memberships for thelifeplan (valued at $375 each) to give away to our favourites! So there is a good chance it could be you! 

We will announce the three winners at the FINALE Celebration Seminar in Parnell tonight and post them on Facebook later this evening. Join us at the seminar tonight!

Go well today, and eat healthy and light to accustom your body to food again.


Posted: Thursday 7 November 2013