The JSB Fast Fest Challenge

The JSB Fast Fest Challenge

The JSB Fast Fest Challenge!

WOAH! It’s Fast Fest time and Fasting Fever is in the air!

Have you always wanted to do a juice fast but never quite got round to it, never felt up to it or never known how?

This is your chance…


To celebrate the completion of the JSB fasting country-wide seminar tour, this is your opportunity to experience a day of Regular Intelligent Fasting fully supported by me! How cool is that???

With summer just around the corner, this is the perfect time of year to fast! Feel energised, revitalised and rejuvenated; lose a few extra kilos; look younger; cleanse your system; have glowing skin and clarity of mind.

Join me and many likeminded others for a day of REGULAR INTELLIGENT FASTING™ together, guided by my team and I. Your fast will last 36 hours and officially begin at 7pm (after dinner) on Tuesday 5th November and will end on Thursday 7th November at 7am, where you can ‘break the fast’ with a light and healthy breakfast!

Starting from tomorrow, I will be blogging every day leading up to the JSB Fast Fest Challenge with information on fasting, why it is so powerful and healing, how to prepare and what to do! 

Here’s all you need to do

  1. Sign up to receive my blog daily into your email inbox if you haven’t already, or start following my posts on the Jason Shon Bennett Facebook page.
  2. Before you commit to the Fast Fest Challenge, make sure you check that it is appropriate for you to do a juice fast by reading the guidelines that I include in my blog tomorrow. 
  3. Let us know that you will be joining us by posting on our Facebook page, or if you are not on Facebook, email us at and we will include you in the fast fest challenge email group.
  4. During the fasting day, our naturopaths Andrea and Jules will support you every couple of hours with information and moral support via Facebook posts and the fasting email group. This will help hugely to keep you on track and stay motivated!
  5. If you don’t own a juicer (our favourite is the Oscar of course!), don’t let that stop you! You can borrow one from a friend or use fresh juices from your local juice bar or purchase some readymade raw juice from PHD cleanse to support your juice fast.
  6. Invite your friends to join the FAST FEST with you! Just share this blog with them (check out the share options below or simply copy and paste this url and email to friends and family) – the more the merrier and the more powerful!
  7. Why not put aside the money you save from not spending it on breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee and drinks for the 36 hours and donate it to your favourite charity?

THAT’S IT!  Stay in touch via if you have any questions or concerns. I have been doing Regular Intelligent Fasting™  for over 26 years and it was an integral part of my healing process – so you are in good hands!

Share your Fasting Story with us and be in to win!

When you have completed your fast (go YOU!), write to me and share your personal fasting experience in one short paragraph and send it to me on by 10am on Thursday. I am looking forward to hearing your stories and I am so excited to have three quarterly memberships for thelifeplan (valued at $375 each) to give away to our favourites! It will be a hard choice but the team will all vote and there will be three lucky FAST FESTERS joining us to begin the powerful journey that is thelifeplan!

We will announce the three winners at the FINALE Celebration Seminar in Parnell, Auckland on Thursday 7th November and post them on Facebook late that evening.

Super excited about this! There is real magic and power in fasting as a group.

Talk tomorrow fellow fasters!


PS: For those in or near Auckland, remember to book your tickets for the Fasting Celebration Seminar in Parnell on Thursday 7th November.  This will be the last time I deliver this seminar.  

Posted: Wednesday 30 October 2013