The Standard American Diet (SAD) delivers disease worldwide

The Standard American Diet (SAD) delivers disease worldwide

Lifestyle diseases are now hitting Asia with up to 50% of the adult Chinese population considered ‘prediabetic’.

Shin Young-Soo, the current Western Pacific World Health Organisation Director recently said in a statement that: “Lifestyle diseases are now hitting Asia-Pacific countries and their aging populations.  Lifestyle diseases which are also known as diseases of longevity or diseases of civilization are defined as diseases that seems to be common as countries are becoming developed, industrialized and people have longer life spans”. 

“This sharp increase of lifestyle diseases in Asian countries can be blamed to change in diets and poor exercise.  The new studies reveal that as much as 12% of the Chinese adult population are considered diabetic and as high as 50% are already pre-diabetic or borderline diabetic (compared to previous 1990 data that estimated only 3-4% of Chinese adult diabetics)”.

“The big change of diet in the last 30-40 years is said to be connected with this observation…”

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Posted: Monday 28 October 2013