Alcohol and women going bitter

Alcohol and women going bitter

This great New York Post article is brilliant...

"Alcohol abuse is rising in much of the developed world — and in many countries, female drinkers are driving that growth."

"This is global: the richer the country, the fewer abstainers and the smaller the gap between male and female consumption."

"The alcohol industry, well aware of this reality, is now battling for our downtime — and our brand loyalty. Wines with names like Girls’ Night Out, MommyJuice, Mommy’s Time Out, Cupcake and, yes, Happy Bitch, plus berry-flavored vodkas, Skinnygirl Vodka, mango coolers, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, all are aimed at us..."

From the book ”Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol” by Ann Dowsett Johnston.

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Posted: Tuesday 8 October 2013