Alcohol is now one of Canada’s top health threats

Alcohol one of Canada’s top health threats

“Alcohol is much more related to disease than we realized in the past.  We’re seeing an unprecedented growth in harm related to alcohol abuse”
Ann Dowsett Johnston, 2013.

  • Over 80% of Canadians drink alcohol
  • Canadians drink more than 50% above the global average
  • Alcohol is the third biggest cause of death in Canada
  • Alcohol kills 8% of people under 70


“Alcohol consumption has been found to cause more than 200 different diseases and injuries.  These include not only well-known outcomes of drinking such as liver cirrhosis or traffic accidents, but also several types of cancer, such as female breast cancer”
Kevin Shield, lead author of an CAMH alcohol study published in ‘Addiction’ March 2013.

Strategies to Reduce Alcohol-Related Harms and Costs in Canada: A Comparison of Provincial Policies was published Wednesday March 6, 2013 by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.


Posted: Friday 27 September 2013