Some heart disease medications may double breast cancer risk

Some heart disease medications may double breast cancer risk

In every survey I have read, the thing that scares women most is breast cancer, and yet more women die from heart disease than all cancer deaths combined, and many women are on heart medication…

“Characterizing the associations of ... [calcium channel blockers] with the most common cancer in women is an important clinical and public health issue, particularly with the increasing availability of alternative options to manage hypertension.  The most important thing is to have people manage their hypertension the best they can”
Dr. Christopher Li, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Washington, August 2013.

Study by Dr. Christopher Li and his colleagues from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, as published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine on Monday August 5, 2013.  The researchers found that women who take the heart drugs Amlodipine, Norvasc, Nicardipine or Cardene, for 10 years or more, have around 250% increased risk of developing some of the most common types of breast cancer compared to other women.  Once prescribed, people often take these drugs for the rest of their lives.  The 2000-2008 observational study involved nearly 3,000 women aged 55-74, in various stages of breast cancer or cancer-free states.  Almost 100 million prescriptions of these drugs were given to patients in the USA in 2010 alone.  As reported by Reuters Health, and The Cancer Network on August 5, 2013.



Posted: Friday 30 August 2013