Diabetes remission possible with diet and exercise

Diabetes remission possible with diet and exercise

Changing your diet has again been shown to take some full blown diabetics back to a normal or pre-diabetes state.

The December 2012 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that some patients with diabetes saw their blood sugar levels dip back to a normal or pre-diabetes level after a year on an intensive diet and exercise program.

This new mainstream study can give people with diabetes hope that through lifestyle changes, they could end up getting off medication and likely lowering their risk of diabetes-related complications.

Edward Gregg, the lead author told Reuters Health, “Adopting a healthy diet, physically-active lifestyle and reducing and maintaining a healthy weight is going to help manage people's diabetes better”.

In this study, after one year, 11.5% of patients had diabetes remission, meaning that without medication their blood sugar levels were no longer above the diabetes threshold.

“Clearly lifestyle intervention is good for people with diabetes” said Dr. John Buse, a diabetes researcher from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine.

As reported on Tuesday 18 December 2012 by Reuters and in the Journal of the American Medical Association.


Posted: Saturday 17 August 2013