Smoking costs 25% of income for the poor

Smoking costs 25% of income for the poor

The cigarette companies will try to tell you that smoking is a free choice. 

No it is not. 

The average smoker gets addicted aged 14.5.  Do 14.5-year-olds make rash adult decisions or choices?

Can you really tell me that a 14.5 year-old with half a brain fully developed, can make a serious decision about a drug habit that will dominate their longevity and health for the rest of their shortened and sickened life? 

Of course not.

The RTI Public Health Policy Research Program Report, using state data, shows that low-income smokers in New York spend 25% of their income on cigarettes.

So, addicted at 14.5, and then spending 25% of their income of the drug for the rest of their short lives.

And we allow this greedy ‘pigs at the trough’ practice to go on under the disguise of “free trade”?

Disgraceful abuse of the poor and downtrodden leading to genocide. 

The latest targets for the big tobacco companies are China and India.

The cigarette companies have billions of lives and pain to answer for. 



Posted: Monday 12 August 2013