Secondhand smoke kills at least 42,000 nonsmokers a year in the US

Secondhand smoke kills at least 42,000 nonsmokers a year in the US

Tens of thousands of needless preventable deaths caused by smokers, including 900 infants, every year, and we allow it to go on?

How many innocent deaths in just one country?

  • More than 42,000 people a year
  • Over 900 infants – babies killed before they have a chance at a life
  • 600,000 years of potential life lost
  • An average of 14.2 years of life lost for each nonsmoker who has died prematurely as a result of someone else’s smoking
  • $6.6 billion in lost productivity for the country
  • The most vulnerable are newborns, either exposed in the womb or after birth, and adults with existing heart and lung problems

The worst part of all?  The researchers said they are “likely underestimating the true impact…”

Study a new thorough meta-analysis of secondhand smoke deaths by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, as published in the American Journal of Public Health, October 2012.  The UCSF researchers looked at the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the National Health Interview Survey and the Multiple Cause of Death data file records of 2.4 million deaths.  The research looked at a chemical called cotinine in the blood - which is a byproduct of smoking proportional to the amount of exposure to tobacco smoke.  This is the first estimate of secondhand smoking deaths and economic impact based on serum cotinine, said the study's lead author, Wendy Max, professor of health economics at the UCSF School of Nursing.  As reported by on October 01, 2012.

Posted: Sunday 4 August 2013