Obesity is higher in kids whose schools are near fast food chains

Obesity is higher in kids whose schools are near fast food chains

Just another study confirming what we already know.

“Our study demonstrates that fast food near schools is an environmental influence that has magnified effects on children… Fast-food promotions will likely target those adolescents nearest to fast-food outlets and who are at greatest risk for obesity”
Brennan Davis, assistant professor of marketing at Baylor.

What did the university study find?

  • Children are especially at risk when fast food restaurants are located near their schools
  • Students who are more likely to engage socially are more likely to meet at a local fast food store
  • Having a fast food chain so close to school can cancel out the benefits of one day’s worth of exercise for any student, regardless of their socioeconomic status
  • For lower income students, it cancels out the healthy benefits of three days’ worth of exercise

A UCLA study found that kids are more likely to skip over any of the “healthy” alternatives offered by fast food chains – regardless of the healthy options.

The bottom line?  Kids don’t go to Subway or McDonald’s for a salad

Study from Baylor University as published in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 2013.  As reported on May 30, 2013 by redorbit.com.


Posted: Thursday 1 August 2013