DRY JULY Alcohol causes over one in 20 deaths for Kiwis under 80

DRY JULY Alcohol causes over one in 20 deaths for Kiwis under 80

Just another day and another report on the disgraceful death rates that alcohol causes in our society, yet we all keep buying it in record amounts.

“The report highlights alcohol’s important toxic and carcinogenic properties and that for many chronic diseases there is no threshold for safe consumption.  More than 30% of alcohol-attributable deaths were due to cancers, including breast and bowel cancer.  This study demonstrates that alcohol consumption is one of the most important risk factors for avoidable mortality and disease in early and middle adulthood, and contributes substantially to loss of good health across the life course”
Professor Connor, department of preventive and social medicine, University of Otago.

Study from University of Otago researchers “Alcohol-attributable burden of disease and injury in New Zealand: 2004 and 2007”, included 35 groups of health conditions related to drinking, and found about 800 deaths a year in people under 80 were directly attributable to alcohol.  This assessment of the burden of ill health due to alcohol consumption in New Zealand was commissioned by the Alcohol Advisory Council and was published on July 15, 2013 by the Health Promotion Agency.  As reported by The New Zealand Herald on July 15, 2013.



Posted: Friday 19 July 2013