Binge-drinking teenagers drink themselves into depression

Binge-drinking teenagers drink themselves into depression

Our poor role modelling and the marketing of alcohol to young people as “necessary to fit in and be normal” is creating a tidal wave of early death and disease.

“There was a strong association between types of drinking behaviour and severity of depression.  The more they consumed, the greater risk of depression”
Researchers in UCD as published in Psychiatry Professional, 2013.

The latest study finds that yet again, commerce reigns over us all in the desperate need to make money. 

Alcohol companies have a great deal to answer for:

  • ONE in five teenagers is drinking weekly by the time they are 17
  • 92% of 17-year-olds are drinking regularly
  • Significant binge-drinking is evident at age 17
  • A binge for teenagers involved six or more drinks during one session (this is enough to kill some teenagers and it regularly does)
  • For one in eight of the students, a session involved 10 or more drinks
  • There is no difference between boys and girls in their drinking patterns
  • Teenagers who drink are at increased risk of developing mental-health problems, emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • 19% of the teenagers already had symptoms of serious depression

Study carried out by researchers in UCD and published in Psychiatry Professional early 2013.  The drinking habits and mental health of more than 6,000 UK pupils aged 12-19 in 72 secondary schools was looked at and followed.  As reported by The Independent on April 4, 2013.


Posted: Friday 28 June 2013