Obesity not a disease says AMA council

Obesity not a disease says AMA council

Interesting debate going on in the USA at the moment about whether eating too much food is a disease.

Without a single, clear, authoritative, and widely accepted definition of disease, it is difficult to determine conclusively whether or not obesity is a medical disease state”
The AMA Council.

A condition leads to one set of solutions.  A disease might lead to another.  I would like to move away from the tyranny of ‘Is it a condition or is it a disease?’ and simply define obesity as a chronic disease, combine public health and clinical approaches, and work to bend the weight curve in the U.S.”
Dr John Armstrong, MD, a delegate of the American College of Surgeons.

“I believe telling people they have a disease allows people to throw up their arms and surrender and do nothing”
Texas delegate Dr Russ Kridel, MD.

Quotes taken from a report by David Pittman, Washington Correspondent, on MedPage Today, June 17, 2013.




Posted: Tuesday 25 June 2013