Alcohol ads targeting underage girls need to be reined in says Canadian Medical Association

Alcohol ads targeting underage girls need to be reined in says Canadian Medical Association

The same old thing here again with alcohol companies doing what the cigarette companies used to do – advertise to those underage. 

Who else buys teen idol magazines but teenagers?

A June 2013 issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal says:

  • Alcohol company adverts are leading to a spike in adolescent alcohol abuse
  • This then carries over into young adulthood
  • Health warnings should be embedded in alcohol ads, so that young girls understand the risks of drinking
  • Children introduced to alcohol to teach ‘responsible drinking’ are at higher risk of future addictions
  • An EU report on childhood and adolescence says that “parents who give young children alcohol in an attempt to teach them about responsible  drinking may be doing more harm than good”
  • Psychologist Dr. Aric Sigman, who wrote the report, says alcohol consumption may have long-lasting effects on the adolescent brain, “even in small amounts”
  • Research shows that people who have their first drink under the age of 18 run a higher risk of becoming dependent on alcohol as an adult
  • The earlier a child is introduced to alcohol, the greater the risk
  • Studies from the United States show that alcohol advertising aimed at young women is being viewed more commonly by young underage girls

As reported by The Canadian Press on June 13, 2013.


Posted: Friday 21 June 2013