Children with high blood pressure directly linked to death by heart disease as adults

Children with high blood pressure directly linked to death by heart disease as adults

This seems fairly obvious but with the amount of children and young people being diagnosed with blood and heart issues at younger and younger ages each year.  I wonder when we are going to genuinely take this seriously and do something about the national diet?

“Our results support the previous finding that elevated blood pressure tracks from childhood to adulthood and accelerates the atherosclerotic process”
Dr Mika Kähönen, PhD, of Tampere University Hospital in Finland.

What did this study on children find?

  1. High blood pressure in childhood was associated with a surrogate marker for cardiovascular disease, 27 years later
  2. Regardless of how the blood pressure was measured, the relationship remained significant
  3. All three blood pressure markers gave  the same result – a higher risk of heart disease as adults

Study analysis of 1,241 participants from the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study was carried out by Aatola H, et al “Simplified definitions of elevated pediatric blood pressure and high adult arterial stiffness” and published in Pediatrics 2013; DOI: 10.1542/peds.2012-3426.  The study was supported by the Academy of Finland, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, the Turku University Foundation, the Medical Research Fund of Kuopio University Hospital, the Medical Research Fund of Tampere University Hospital, the Turku University Hospital Medical Fund, the Emil Aaltonen Foundation, the Juha Vainio Foundation, the Finnish Foundation of Cardiovascular Research, the Finnish Cultural Foundation, and The Tampere Tuberculosis Foundation.  As reported by MedPage Today on June 10, 2013.


Posted: Tuesday 18 June 2013