116 year old Jiroemon Kimura died this week

116 year old Jiroemon Kimura died this week

Rest in Peace Jiroemon, an inspiration to many of us; he lived a long healthy life free of drugs and disease.

"As the only man to have ever lived for 116 years—and the oldest man whose age has been fully authenticated—he has a truly special place in world history” 
Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief of Guinness World Records.

Jiroemon Kimura was born on April 19, 1897, and died on June 12, 2013.

Even though I never met you, I have followed your fantastic exploits for many years and you have always inspired me and taught me the common sense that I now pass on to others.

You ate plants, you ate less, you moved, you loved many people, you were part of a great social network, you had low stress, you had a daily routine, you slept well.

Misao Okawa, 115, of Osaka, Japan, now holds the title of oldest living person, as well as oldest living woman.


Posted: Friday 14 June 2013