Asthma reduced by a high-fibre, plant-based diet

Asthma reduced by a high-fibre, plant-based diet

This is how I cured my asthma – by changing my diet, lifestyle and environment.

“People with asthma may benefit from improving their diet to reduce fat and increase fiber intake.  It is not just how much food is eaten, but what types of food are eaten that may affect asthma.  Lower fiber intake was related to poorer lung function and increased airway inflammation in people with asthma”
Bronwyn Berthon, University of Newcastle, Australia.

What did this study confirm?

  • For every 10-gram increase in daily fat consumption, the odds of having severe asthma increased by 48% - regardless of calories consumed
  • The people who ate more fat in their diets had increased airway inflammation; and inflammation is related to asthma
  • The lower the dietary fibre intake – fibre is only in plant-foods – the higher the asthma rates

The bottom line that I have learnt about asthma is that the health of your gut microbiome, genetic expression and bowels, the lower the odds of asthma.  This is due to your gut health housing and running your immune system, which runs your respiratory system, which leads to breathing problems. 

A plant-based wholefood diet is usually the answer. 

Study published in the journal Respirology in April 2013.  As reported by on 6 June 2013.


Posted: Tuesday 11 June 2013