Alcohol at one drink a day increases your risk of breast cancer

Alcohol at one drink a day increases your risk of breast cancer

Yet another prominent health professor has come out against our current rates of alcohol ingestion.

“Drinking one standard alcoholic drink a day is linked to a 9% increase in the risk of developing breast cancer, while 3-6 pushes this up to 41%. The risk goes up the more you drink. If you want to remove the risk entirely, don’t drink. By comparison, there are more stringent guidelines in place for restricting the use of pesticides on fruit than for controlling alcohol consumption in humans.”

“Alcohol consumption can cause cancers of the oral cavity, pharynx, oesophagus, liver, colon, breast and rectum in both men and women. Three people in Ireland die from oral and pharyngeal cancer (OPC) every week – which is more than skin melanoma or cervical cancer. It will not be possible for Irish society to develop a healthier relationship with alcohol if alcohol continues to be marketed in such an aggressive fashion. The guidelines for alcohol consumption are not strong enough, particularly when considering it as a carcinogenic.”
Professor Peter Anderson of the Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University, England, May 2013

The Sobering Irish Reality Check:

  • Irish drinkers consume about 37g of alcohol every day
  • Alcohol causes one in 10 cancers in Irish men
  • Alcohol causes one in 33 cancers in Irish women
  • This is at least 900 new cancer cases each year in Ireland
  • The cancer rates go up as alcohol consumption increases
  • Ethanol and acetaldehyde in alcohol are both cancer-causing agents

As reported on 30 May 2013 by Independent Irish News.

Posted: Monday 3 June 2013