New Zealand back to second fattest in the world

New Zealand back to second fattest in the world

I talk about this at every seminar I do all over the world.  The overweight problems we have now are creating the worst preventable epidemic of early death ever seen in history.

The sad news announced today confirms my worst suspicions…

  • New Zealand adults are now THE SECOND FATTEST among 50 countries
  • The average Kiwi adult in 2012 was estimated to weigh 81.3kg
  • The average American in 2012 weighed 82.7kg
  • The latest New Zealand obesity rate is 28%
  • In Counties Manukau it is 38%

Can we fix it and stop the early death rates from a variety of cancers, diabetes and heart diseases that obesity causes?  Yes of course, I have done this with many people but it will take a number of different community strategies and a total U-turn on our relationship with food, and I suspect that we will not act until the problem is much, much worse.

The international developed countries weight list as compiled by the Bloomberg news service using data from the World Health Organisation, the OECD and a survey funded by the US Agency for International Development.  As reported by The New Zealand Herald on Friday May 24, 2013.


Posted: Friday 24 May 2013