Ban smoking in outdoor dining areas in cafes

Ban smoking in outdoor dining areas in cafes

“I am becoming burnt out from telling patients they have an avoidable cancer.  Every day I tell a patient they have cancer, and for many of them that their cancer is incurable. Hundreds of lives are at risk from second-hand smoke, not just from cancer but from the aggravation of emphysema and heart disease.  I don’t think innocent people should be exposed to a cancer-producing substance just because they are having a meal somewhere.  People should be able to enjoy a meal without having to put up with second-hand smoke”
Professor David Ball, chair of the Lung Service at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Almost 200 Victorian cancer specialists and clinicians are calling for the Victorian state government to introduce a ban on smoking in outdoor dining and drinking areas.

When I travelled to Brisbane last year I LOVED the fact that you could eat out anywhere and there was no smoking smell, fumes, carcinogens or the like – anywhere near the eating houses.  Everyone who travelled with me in our group of 10 noticed it and enjoyed it.  It was brilliant.

In 20 years’ time we will all look back and be amazed we ever let smoking exist around food.  We can look back now at how unbelievably short-sighted and stupid and dangerous it was to smoke on planes, yet 20 years ago it was acceptable.  This will be viewed the same.

Professor Ball’s comments as reported by the AAP and The Age on May 10, 2013.


Posted: Saturday 18 May 2013