Mediterranean diet helps the heart

Mediterranean diet helps the heart

Eating the plant-based health Mediterranean diet helped men lower bad cholesterol.

“The Mediterranean diet may be recommended for effective management of the metabolic syndrome and its related risk of cardiovascular disease”
Caroline Richard, registered dietitian and doctoral candidate in nutrition at Laval University in Quebec, Canada.

A group of men with major risk factors for heart disease and stroke firstly ate the Standard American Diet (low fibre, high in meat, sugar and processed fats), and then changed to a healthy, plant-based, Mediterranean diet (high fibre, vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, legumes, nuts, seeds and olive oil).

What results were measured?

The men had a 9% decrease in levels of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol after eating the Mediterranean diet for five weeks.

Study presented to the American Heart Association in Lake Buena Vista, on May 1, 2013.  As reported by WebMD News from HealthDay News on May 1, 2013.


Posted: Tuesday 14 May 2013