Asthma and obesity related

Asthma and obesity related

Researchers at the University of Ottawa have shown that obesity has a significant influence on respiratory health.

The study on over 85,000 Canadians carried out by the University of Ottawa, found that obesity among women led to an 85% increase in asthma risk, compared to women who were not obese. 

The fine print?

  • For every step up of increased body mass, the asthma risk increased by 6% among women and 3% among men
  • Obese, non-allergic women had a 9.5% risk of asthma
  • Normal weight women had an risk of 3.1%
  • The association between asthma and obesity is stronger among non-allergic than allergic women

As reported by on April 19, 2013.


Posted: Thursday 9 May 2013