Alcohol and junk food advertisers block healthy food being advertised

Alcohol and junk food advertisers block healthy food being advertised

An Australian man found that he could not advertise at his local sports grounds because his message was about kids eating healthier food.

“It is appalling that alcohol and junk food companies can prevent the communication of healthy messages.  They are simply corporate bullies who will go to amazing lengths to prevent criticisms”
Mike Daube, director of the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth, May 2013.

The Sydney Morning Herald article says “A father has been blocked by the AFL and Cricket Australia from taking out advertisements promoting a healthy lifestyle, with the sporting authorities saying it would conflict with their sponsorships from alcohol and food companies.  In a recent analysis of three AFL final series games, alcohol promotions were shown an average of 244 times, more than 20 minutes a match”.

“My children took an interest in cricket this season and I started to watch more with them both at matches here in Hobart and also on television.  It wasn’t long before I realised the high level of alcohol and other junk products being promoted.  It is sending the wrong message to all Australians, not just children”
Mr Schultz, The Game Changer Campaign, May 2013.

The illusion that these sports stars eat this rubbish food is disgraceful.  I have worked with professional athletes after they finish competing and they are either very overweight and unwell or they eat very differently and stay well.

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As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald on May 5, 2013.


Posted: Tuesday 7 May 2013