Meat in China shown to be rat and fox sold as cow

Meat in China shown to be rat and fox sold as cow

Fancy some rat or fox in your burger?

“There is selling of meat injected with water and meat from animals dead from disease, as well as passing off relatively cheap types of meat as relatively expensive beef and mutton”
The Chinese Ministry of Public Security.

“The situation is really grave and has indeed caused great harm to the people”
Pei Xianding, Supreme Court Judge.

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security authorities announced on Thursday May 2, 2013 that more than 900 people had been detained or arrested over the past 12 weeks in 380 ‘meat-related offences’.

Here are the highlights or rather, lowlights of the report:

  • An operation in Shanghai and the coastal city of Wuxi bought fox, mink and rat, processed it with additives like gelatin, carmine, red pigment and nitrates, and then sold it off as lamb
  • One group used illegal chemicals to transform the rat, mink and fox into counterfeit mutton slices
  • One company in Inner Mongolia was caught with 23 tons of fake beef jerky and unprocessed frozen meat adulterated with flavoring chemicals and swarming with bacteria
  • Another group in Guizhou Province were caught with 8.8 tons of ‘toxic chicken feet’ marinated in a hydrogen peroxide solution and      adulterated with illegal additives
  • A lamb carcass was so heavily laced with pesticide that one person died after eating the barbecued meat
  • There were 382 cases of water-injected meat, fake mutton and beef, diseased meat, toxic and harmful meat products
  • The police broke up 1,721 illicit factories, workshops and shops and confiscated more than 20,000 tons of fake meat products
  • The meats were sold in Shanghai and Jiangsu Province for about $1.6 million
  • International tourists may have eaten this meat

As reported by The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The New York Times & The Independent on May 3-4, 2013.


Posted: Monday 6 May 2013