Alcohol sponsorship of sports is grooming child drinkers

Alcohol sponsorship of sports is grooming child drinkers

Irish doctors have courageously demanded a ban on alcohol sponsorship of sporting events, warning the drinks industry is “grooming” child drinkers.

“Alcohol is a factor in half of all suicides, and one in four of all deaths in the 15-29 age groups. There is no product on the planet that could cause more harm. A total of 300,000 children are going to start drinking in the next five years. They are the real targets of alcohol sponsorship. We facilitate the alcohol industry to groom our children to be the next generation of problem drinkers.”
Dr Bobby Smith, Alcohol Action Ireland

The Independent reports that in a presentation to the Oireachtas Transport and Communications Committee, Dr William Flannery, of the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland, put forward his case.

Here is one of Ireland’s leading doctors claiming:

  • Sporting bodies were ‘in the pocket’ of the alcohol industry
  • The drinks industry targets adolescent children
  • Alcohol sponsorship was linked to the early onset of alcohol use
  • Alcohol was now involved in 24% of all attempted Irish suicides
  • He called for a ban on all alcohol sponsorship, advertising or marketing

France brought in a ban on alcohol sponsorship of sport which led to a reduction in consumption and alcohol-related domestic abuse in the years afterwards.

As reported by The Independent on 17 April 2013.

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Posted: Tuesday 30 April 2013