More men ending their marriages over their wives' excessive drinking

More men ending their marriages over their wives excessive drinking

Head of family law at Slater & Gordon, Amanda McAlister said there has been a 70% increase in men citing alcohol misuse in divorce over the past five years.

The worst thing that men do it drink too much as it leads to more violence and damage to women and children than any other factor. 

And now women are doing the same and it is wrecking their lives.

McAlister sees 40 to 50 divorces a year where alcohol is a contributing factor – the vast majority where women are the problem.

The old stereotype of the husband staying late in the pub after work is starting to change with the so-called ‘Sex and the City’ drinking meaning it is the women now turning to the drink.

The Daily Mail article quotes her as “Many of the men who come to me say their wives often don’t come home until 4am.  Husbands will often initially cite a different reason for divorce, such as that their wife doesn’t work or help around the house.  It only later comes to light that the reason she’s not doing so is because she’s often drunk or nursing a hangover.  She recently dealt with the case of a businessman from Cheshire, with three children aged seven, 11 and 14.  His wife started drinking when she lost her job.  She became violent towards him and was arrested for GBH against him.  He was granted custody of the children, but lost his job as he became their carer”

As reported by The Daily Mail on April 3, 2013.

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Posted: Tuesday 23 April 2013