Depression again linked to sweetened drinks and sugar

Depression again linked to sweetened drinks and sugar

What a surprise eh?  Sugar and soft drinks again linked to depression?

What did the National Institutes of Health study find?

  • People aged 50-70 who drank four cups of sweetened soft drinks each day had a 30% increase in risk of developing depression
  • The increased risk with diet soda was 31%
  • The increased risk for regular soft drinks was 22%
  • The increased risk for diet fruit punch was 51% compared with none
  • There was a 36% increase of depression risk with high aspartame consumption

Study by Honglei Chen, MD, PhD, of the National Institutes of Health in Research Triangle Park, N.C., and colleagues, titled “Sweetened beverages, coffee, and tea in relation to depression among older U.S. adults” as reported online in advance of presentation at the March 2013 annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology.  Chen and his researchers looked over 263,925 adults and reviewed their drink intake from 1995-1996 and then rechecked for depression levels in 2000.  A total of 11,311 participants reported having had such a diagnosis.  The study was supported by the Intramural Research Programs of the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, and the National Cancer Institute.  As reported by MedPage Today on January 8, 2013.


Posted: Thursday 4 April 2013