Smoking ban in New York City marks 10th anniversary

Smoking ban in New York City marks 10th anniversary

The latest report says that the 2003 landmark Smoke-Free Air Act smoking ban has already prevented over 10,000 premature deaths.

In a Reuters article Mayor Bloomberg says “Ten years ago when New York City prohibited smoking in restaurants and bars, many predicted the end of the hospitality, restaurant and tourism industries.  Yet ten years later, fewer New Yorkers are smoking, we are living longer, our industries are thriving and nobody longs for a return to smoke-filled bars and restaurants”. 

What does the New York Health Department Report say?

  • The proportion of adult smokers dropped by about 30% to 15%
  • The proportion of youths under age 18 who smoke dropped by 50% to 8.5%
  • There are now around 6,000 more restaurants and bars in the city than there were a decade ago when the ban started...

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Posted: Monday 1 April 2013