Obesity likely to shorten your life by 10-15 years

Obesity likely to shorten your life by 10-15 years

Another study adds to the massive and overwhelming evidence that obesity and being overweight creates diabetes, heart attacks, cancers and an early preventable death.

“…it’s clear from a vast body of research that obesity and mortality are associated, and that a higher BMI is tied to earlier death as well as higher rates of disease, many of which are serious”
Harvey Grill, PhD, President of The Obesity Society (TOS).

The article, “Obesity and Early Mortality in the U.S.,” by James A. Greenberg, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, shows mortality is likely to occur 10 years early for the obese and close to 15 years for the heavily obese.  The research used data from 37,632 participants in three National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES).  All estimates were adjusted for demographic and lifestyle factors covering pre-existing illness, smoking, and older age on the number of years lost.  As published in the medical journal, Obesity.

Another recent large study confirmed the same findings (“Body-mass index and mortality among 1.46 million white adults,” by Amy Berrington de Gonzalez et al, as published in the New England Journal of Medicine).

As reported by heraldonline.com and The Obesity Society on March 19, 2013.  

Posted: Wednesday 20 March 2013